FCSCC Needs A New Site. Can You Help?

We’ve had many people ask, “What happened? Why is FCSCC not able to run at the Stratford Army Engine Plant site anymore?”

There isn’t anything nefarious about what happened. A development group was approved to take over the site back in 2012, but that was contingent on the U.S. Army being able to transfer the site in a state where the developer was able to deal with any remaining issues. The cleanup process to effect this transfer has finally commenced after a long period of site investigation and planning.

Though the site was considered stable and not emitting toxic materials, to perform new development there are large parts of the site that require cleanup. To do that they have to move or remove large amounts of waste material and in the process demolish the majority of the site.

Currently there is no plan that has us able to use that site for autocross after development is completed. It will become a mixed use area with possible residential and commercial applications.

If you have information on a site that can host FCSCC events please contact us! FCSCC is a non-profit that carries liability insurance for each event and all participants sign waivers indemnifying site owners from liability. FCSCC compensates site owners for use of their property. Desired sites would have large open pavement areas and be available for use on weekend days during the spring, summer and fall.