Congratulations Todd Kean

The results are in and despite facing some tough competition from both the weather and other class champions Todd Kean once again walked away from the annual runoff as FCSCC Autocrosser Of The Year. Congratulations to him and thanks to all of the competitors that came out and supported the event. Thanks also go out to the volunteers that came out to help get the runoff car ready on Saturday.

FCSCC Non-Points Event and Runoff!

Don’t forget our annual autocrosser of the year runoff is coming up on Sunday along with a non-points event! Check the Season Points and recent results to see if you are eligible! Please check the rules if you are unclear on whether you are eligible for the runoff. Notable items to check for this runoff are below.

  • You must have participated in at least 5 points events
    in a class this season to be eligible for that class championship. If it wasn’t obvious, you must also be the overall leader in points in that class.
  • For Pro and Ladies classes the top 1/3 of the points leaders can participate in the runoff.
  • Only FCSCC members accrue points for an event. If you were not an FCSCC member prior to an event you did not earn points for that event.