Results for Points Event #1 and #2 for 2024 Season

Forty one drivers competed on a warm and sunny day on Saturday May 4, 2024 on a Tom Bracci course. Congratulations to Jeff Taylor for Raw FTD and PAX FTD. For full results click here.

Sunday May 5, 2024 brought a chilly windy and cloudy day with rain in the forecast. Twenty three drivers posted times, all completed before the rain started. Congratulations to Tom Caspar for Raw FTD and Liam Bocchichio for PAX FTD. Sundays course was designed by Tom Bracci which was another challenging and fun course. For full results click here.

We are hopeful that we can be announcing further events in the near future.

Results for Runoff October 15, 2023

A dry and breezy day was a welcome relief from the previous days event on the Runoff weekend. Congratulations to Erik Birden for becoming the FCSCC 2023 Autocrosser of the Year. A spirited battle came down to the last competitor and the last run.

Congratulations also goes to Shaun Moore for FTD and Luke Partridge for Pax FTD.

Results can be viewed by clicking here.

Results For Points Event #9 October 1 ,2023

Sunday brought a warm and dry day for Points Event # 9. Congratulations to Ryan Nielson for Raw FTD and Luke Partridge for Pax FTD. The event also featured a runoff for the top five times from FCSCC and CART members for bragging rights. Ryan Nielson emerged victorious driving a modified Formula Vee. Event results can viewed by clicking here

Results for Sunday 7/9/2023

35 drivers were greeted with a hot and humid day with the threat of rain coming. Rain never appeared, coming just a few miles to the west. Congratulations to Jesse Birden for FTD and Justin Lau for PAX FTD. Thanks go to Tom Bracci for a challenging course that allowed for competitors to get twelve runs by days end. Results can be viewed by clicking here.

Results for Points Event #3

A warm and sunny day with a beautiful breeze greeted our Fathers day autocross participants. Congratulations to Jesse Birden with FTD and Joseph Lagdao for PAX FTD. Thirty-seven drivers were met with a challenging course with a mix of high speed sections and slower tighter sections. Drivers were given 11 runs to master the course.

Results are posted here and also available on the 2023 results page.