Results for Points Event #3 Posted

Sixty people attended our third points event run by Event Chair and President George LeMoine. The rain held off and while the day was a bit chilly and windy, overall the conditions were good. Attendees were treated to seven runs on a course designed and built by Tom Bracci and Rick Obert. The club also provided a complimentary luncheon for all attendees. Congratulations to Bob Davis for raw and PAX FTD. Results are posted on our Results Page.

Results for 10/24 & 10/25 Event Posted & Season Champions Crowned

Our 10/24 event featured a mildly moist morning, with temperatures in the high 60s. As the day warmed up times came down overall and everyone got to enjoy 11 total runs on a course designed by Tom Bracci and Rick Obert. The Rookie Runoff took place using our runoff car. Congratulations to our Rookie champion Erik Haakonsen and congratulations to Joe Zanavich for PAX and RAW FTD on the day.

Our 10/25 event was colder, but participants were able to have a total of 9 runs. In addition our Championship Runoff took place with Joe Zanavich taking the win as well as PAX and RAW FTD on the day. Congratulations to him and to all our class champions.

Results are posted for both events on our Results Page.